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Hello~ My name is Jung Jinyoung (정진영) from B1A4! I'm the leader, lead vocalist, and lyricist. My birthday is on the 18th of November, so please remember BANAs! ❤ Don't be afraid to ask me any questions. I'll answer as many as possible. If you can't find my ask button (which is the first link) then just put ask at the end of my tumblr url.

[DRAWING] sexy female!shinwoo. ♥

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we love you too, jinyoung. ♥ 051813

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B1A4 performing “yesterday” at inkigayo 130507

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happy 2nd anniversary, B1A4

B1A4 keychains open!

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한글 ☆ 日本語 ☆ Español ☆ Indonesian

*PRE-ORDERS* for B1A4 keychains!

As a present for B1A4’s 2nd anniversary, April 23, 2013, I made B1A4 keychains for every fan to enjoy!

These B1A4 keychains/phone charms are 1.5” cute and simple creations of mine! The plastic keychains are protected with a dimensional gloss, which gives off a shiny look. You can attach them onto your phone (if it has the insert for them!), your lanyard, luggage/bags, and more! The neat thing about these is that they’re not laminated paper keychains, so they will definitely last longer. 


  • $5.00 USD per keychain
  • *DEAL* $20.00 USD for all five members (If you choose this option, I will throw in a free B1A4 sticker sheet!)


  • $2.50 USD to U.S.A.
  • $3.50 USD to Canada
  • $4.00 USD to other countries


  • Paypal (highly recommended, remember to select the gift option when sending!)
  • Concealed cash (no coins, please!)
  • Concealed cash from U.S. only. For any other country wanting to use concealed cash, either convert the money to USD before sending, or send extra money for me to convert due to the fees.


  • Name: (so i know what name to put on the package)
  • E-Mail: (to notify you of your purchase/when i send it out)
  • Keychain and quantity: (ex: Jinyoung (1), Baro (2), Sandeul (3))
  • Bell or no bell: (there’s a bell on the keychain, so I don’t know if you want that on or not. It doesn’t cost extra!)
  • Price/payment form: (ex: $5.00 USD + $2.00 USD shipping; via Paypal/concealed cash)
  • Address: (please put it in the format your country wants you to. Example:
Jung Jinyoung
91118 B1A4 Avenue [street address]
WM Entertainment [city], FOX [state] 12345 [zip code]
United States of America [country]

Some countries have it formatted differently, so be sure to do it correctly)

  • Comments/questions(?): 
Send this order form to my email: harukay@hotmail.com or in my
ask. You can also send it to my deviantART!


  • If you’re paying via concealed cash, be sure it’s concealed.No change, please. I will give you my PO BOX when I receive the order form and give you an OK. 
  • If there’s a problem with the shipment (it gets lost, you moved so different address, concealed cash doesn’t get to me, etc.) It’s not my responsibility. 
  • If you want custom keychains, (specific outfit, or maybe from a completely different group, OC, etc) click hereThis option is available!
  • I also do OTP keychains (as shown in the last picture)! Click the link above.
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april fools.. pabo.

yea ur right wow sorry. i’m actually paris hilton, guys. april fools!

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WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. i am him. we are one /whispers exo/

can’t you tell we’re the same person? we dance alike. we both dance rather fabulously, no?

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who's your bias in b1a4

jinyoung obviously because we have the same sexy name. 


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hello BANAs!

ask me questions♥

or else.⊙ω⊙

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happy birthday, sandeul! ♥ 120320

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Greasy B1A4!!

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art: ankokuxookami

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Your drawling are so cute ^-^

thank you! ^^ it means a lot ahah ;u;//


BANAs, let’s go to the beach together! ^^*

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[Pre-order] Acyrlic Charms: B1A4- Tried to Walk



They are $5 each and $2 shipping ($3 for international)
** After pre-orders it will be $6 each.

  • They are 1.5 inch
  • These are acyrlic cellphone charms.
  • They’re sturdy and sort of plastic like.
  • A strap will already be included.
  • need total of 40 preorders

Please fill this form out and send to cafebunnyshop@gmail.com
Make sure you are 100% sure you want to purchase this.
We will be sending out an email for payments if we get 3/4 way of the pre-orders.

[Pre-order] Acyrlic Charm: B1A4 - Tried to Walk
(Payment Form):
(Total Price):

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